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Drawn to this piece, It’s time for making that change.  Apatite is the perfect stone for for advancing your thoughts and ideas into action.  Bring on the motivation that allows free thinking and creative avenues outside of the norm.

Move forward with peace and in harmony with Apatite, leave the anger behind.  

Physically, Apatite can help suppress hunger and impulsive actions.

Time for Change

  • Your piece is made on a thick stretch chord  for an average wrist, 7".  

    Remove jewelery before bathing or swimming. - household cleaners are corrosive and may permanently damage your gems; chlorine, some soaps and perfumes may cause damage to your gemstones or the stretch chord. Excessive exposure to sunlight may cause fading of stones.

    Apply essential oils direct to the diffuser stone only with a cotton swab and avoid the stretch chord.

    Focus on the intention of your piece.

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