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Do you have a store front?

No.  I don't have a store front BUT, The Growing Scenter is a real live location that hosts workshops, fire circles and small gatherings and energy healing.  

Do you offer local pick up?

Yes!  If you are local to our Scenter we can arrange a convenient pick up time.  We are currently closed to the public.  

Why do you only offer Young Living oils on your website?

Short answer, I trust YL for purity and potency.  Known as the world leaders in the essential oil industry, they come from a place of integrity and longevity.  There are a lot of  copy cat or pop-up companies pushing oils jumping on the wellness wagon. 


Why are these oils pricy?  

Some copy cat companies add fillers.  Did you know that a bottle claiming to be 100% pure oil can contain  up to 95% fillers?  Young Living has a seed to seal guarantee which means, they don't cut corners and you get what you pay for.  Only the best goes in my body, my family and my pets. 

Where can I buy wholesale Young Living Oils?

Right here! 

Who makes your bracelets and suncatchers?

ME .  Check back often for new pieces.  Many are OOAK.  

Where do you get your beads and crystals?

I source beads from many different places in the US.  I get to travel to NM to visit my daughter and found some great wholesalers.  Gem shows and the web are also a great place to shop around for reputable sellers.  

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