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THE BODYGUARD - a powerhouse collection of "big brother gems" to protect the wearer.  Bronzite stands guard with the cross, locks arms with Picture Jasper and reinforcement steps in with Obsidian.  Absorbs, Repels and sends negativity and ill wishers away with their own.  Like the old saying goes  "I'm rubber you're glue"  Instant Karma.  

6mm stones 


*Essential Oil Partner; White Angelica, Frankincense 


The Bodyguard

  • Your piece is made on a thick stretch chord  for an average wrist, 7".  

    Remove jewelery before bathing or swimming. - household cleaners are corrosive and may permanently damage your gems; chlorine, some soaps and perfumes may cause damage to your gemstones or the stretch chord. Excessive exposure to sunlight may cause fading of stones.

    Apply essential oils direct to the diffuser stone only with a cotton swab and avoid the stretch chord.

    Focus on the intention of your piece.

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