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Beautiful, deep, vibrant Garnet - Appropriately called The Giver of Light,  is traditionally the stone for those born in the month of December, the month to celebrate the return of light during Winter Solstice.  Garnet can bring light to a suffering heart that has been in pain, helping to boost the spirit to move forward.  Garnet encourages gatitude and service to others and would be a good gift of appreciation for those that are service or essential workers.   Wearing Garnet can help to set and achieve goals and often given as a gift of love.  Obsidian anchors this stunner helping to bring clarity where a fork is in the road - the "why or reason" for stagnation is swiftly revealed and then the wearer can CHOOSE to move forward. 

8MM Garnet

8MM Black Obsidian

Accent Sun/Moon reversable charm


Garnet Giver of Light

  • Your piece is made on a thick stretch chord  for an average wrist, 7".  

    Remove jewellery before bathing or swimming. - household cleaners are corrosive and may permanently damage your gems; chlorine, some soaps and perfumes may cause damage to your gemstones or the stretch chord. Excessive exposure to sunlight may cause fading of stones.

    Apply essential oils direct to the diffuser stone only with a cotton swab and avoid the stretch chord.

    Focus on the intention of your piece.

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